Who we are

We guarantee to provide you with personalised support and advice. Your contacts at THESAUROS have many years of experience in providing support to businesses, public authorities and private individuals.

We are not beholden to external partners, institutions or interests, neither commercially nor legally, in either our thinking and actions. We safeguard our clients' interests and are committed to objectivity in both consultancy and science. Our regulatory compliance, both in the company and as a consulting service, is defined by an adherence to laws, guidelines and voluntary codes.

Our goal is always to provide a solution tailored to the client, never to present standard, ready-made solutions.

Our company name

THESAUROS (ancient Greek, Θησαυρός = repository, treasury) in ancient Greece was a building in a shrine or sacrarium for the storage of precious votive offerings. The ancient temples also often served as a banks. The building had the shape of an antae temple. The floor plan of the megaron forms the signet of our company.


THESAUROS is a member and partner of several organisations. These include, among others: