Project Solution

Thesauros defines the services of the Project Solutions Department as the combination of construction and project management.

From project preparation and the definition of the schedule and budget, to detailed inspection and the precise implementation of your goals: Our Project Solutions department offers construction and project management tailored to your requirements.

Our company has always been oriented towards the needs of our clients and has grown with them. We offer customized advice and support in all areas of your construction project: from planning, coordinating and determining actions and procedures to organising deadlines and processes to documentation and quality control.

Project Solutions takes on conflict management tasks for you, such as meetings at management level or vis-à-vis political and administrative bodies. We act as a central project contact point. We prepare decisions and implement them.

Public and private planning, construction and investment projects regularly have an impact on the urban context - depending on size, location and objectives - and are often the focus of public attention. Conversely, city-wide framework conditions, such as infrastructure, planning regulations or required participation procedures, have an impact on the project objective and its course. In order to lead complex projects to success, it is crucial to know existing dependencies and conditions, to identify potential risks at an early stage - ideally even before the planning and realisation phase - and to handle them safely during the processing.

Experience teaches that even in optimally planned and controlled projects, unforeseeable incidents occur - for example, when unexpected archaeological findings, "ownerless" cable and line routes or unexpected public discussions cause delays and require reactions. Instead of merely recording the facts, our Project Solutions department concentrates primarily on finding a solution for the project and implementing it in a targeted manner with the responsible parties.

Project Solutions Services