Project Solution

THESAUROS defines the Project Solutions area as a combination of construction management and facility management. This includes technical and commercial project leadership and construction project management, as well as advice on corporate and facility management strategy.

The function of construction management is the overall management and organisation of a building project. The aim is to plan and execute a project so that agreed deadlines and costs are complied with and the quality of the structure ensures optimal use, with full consideration of the aesthetic, energy-related and ecological requirements of the contractor and legislators. The client determines the extent to which tasks should be delegated to THESAUROS. We guarantee the required decision-making and enforcement powers required to support a project.

THESAUROS takes on conflict management tasks such as meetings at the management level or before political and administrative bodies. In doing so, we act as the central point of contact for projects. We draft decisions and implement them. Public and private planning, construction and investment projects regularly have, depending on the size, location and objective, an impact on the larger urban planning context and are frequently the focus of public attention. Conversely, the overall urban framework conditions, such as infrastructure, planning related decisions or the required participation procedures, affect the project objective and its course. In order to ensure the success of complex urban planning projects, it is crucial to be aware of existing dependencies and conditions, to identify potential risks early, preferably before the planning and implementation phase, and to manage these properly while they are being processed.

Experience teaches: unforeseeable incidents can occur even in optimally planned and directed projects – for example when unexpected archaeological findings, "ownerless" cable or pipeline routes or unexpected public discussions cause delays and require a response. Instead of just keeping a record of the details, above all we focus on finding a solution for the project and implementing it in a goal-oriented manner with the responsible project participants.

Facility management constitutes the second part of our Project Solutions department.
 Nowadays, real estate, machinery and equipment are no longer exclusively regarded as a production factor. Instead, as valuable assets, they fulfil the function of a strategic resource that requires the successful interaction of the corporate and FM strategy.

Real estate – no matter what type or use – is designed, planned and built for a specific purpose and operated over a long period of time with ever-changing requirements. Regardless whether it is an investment or income property, for personal use and thus to support the core business of a company, facility management focuses on the "three Ps": People, Processes and Places. Here, THESAUROS ensures maximum flexibility, sustainability and efficiency through practice-oriented consulting.

Our bespoke strategy and implementation consulting combines practical expertise with management consulting methods. To do this, we rely, among other things, on our own experts from the respective industries. We develop strategies and concepts for our clients and are measured by the operative implementation and the results of our work in reality.

In order for the client to achieve the desired project success by implementing a project controller, the following prerequisites must be met for the successful deployment of the project controller by the client:

  • Timely fulfilment of non-delegable contractor functions with regard to specified target data in terms of organisation, quality, costs and deadlines, including the provision of funds and arrangement of due payments.
  • Providing the project controller with sufficient skills to enable them to initiate the necessary control measures in good time.
  • Provision of all documents necessary for execution of the project.

Facility Management Services

  • Organisation and process consulting
  • Litigation-proof organisation and operator responsibility
  • Cost reduction programmes and benchmarking
  • Sourcing and implementation of real estate related services – down to the core processes of the customers
  • Quality and service provider audits or service provider control
  • Real estate IT consulting (SAP, ERP, CAFM)
  • FM-compliant planning and building
  • Sustainability and Green Facility Management

Project Solutions Services